18th February 2014


Sorry For My Rant

You can’t really count my last post as that was just a hello.  My previous post was just a hello so you can’t really count that.  This is going to be a real, world changing post.  Or perhaps not :)

I could write something about my last post being a post…but…  It was just me saying hello and that was all so this is…my first post.  Perhaps I should write something fantastic.  Wake people up.  Brings tears to your eyes.

However, I don’t think I can do that.  Sorry, people, but hopefully that will be something for the next post!  I have to say that this article is, on the other hand, something I’ve noticed.  You go around and see loads of jewellery for adult women - there are shops full of it!  But women aren’t everyone in the world and there’s about 50% of the population who are men but the amount of jewellery that are for them is tiny, compared to jewellery for ladies.

Even more surprising is the amount of jewellery for children.  If you are lucky enough to find some pieces for kids and look closely, the quality is not as good and almost like pieces of toys.

I’m thinking of high street shops when I’m thinking of this, however.

Online it’s a little better - there is at least places where you can buy stylish jewellery to give to your girl or boy.  And I do think that designers are realising that children actually want more than just beads on pieces of string - kids know what is good!

When it comes to the actual pieces in the jewellery, it’s thankfully not just cut down and shrunk womens jewellery.  They actually seem to understand what kids like - often pretty, colourful and fun and good enough to catch the eye.  Just what youngsters love to wear!

Hopefully high street shops will understand that just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like pretty, stylish and well loved and will start to increase the choice for people.

But am I dreaming?

I must stop moaning now!  The next topic is being thought about - I hope you like it so keep an eye out!

11th February 2014


Introducing My Brand New Blog

Bless you for coming forward and checking out our new blog.

I’m happy to enjoy a place that I can write down my thoughts, concepts, enthusiasm and merely regular info!  Those days are gone of pen and paper for the journal - today it’s all digital, baby!

Why am I here?  Because, simply, I want a website to do the above - put down my ideas and plans.  I am studying design specialising in silver jewellery as there is a bunch of places out there.

My idea would be to own a place where i’m allowed to put info down and then store it for later use.  I often browse about the web and locate locations which hold awesome material which inspire me.  Now I am going to be storing the ideas on these pages so I could get back to it later and don’t lose it like I may have prior to now *cough*

I am glad you came to have a look at the blog.  Any ideas for me?  Let me know!  I’m always in search of new sites and eager to speak to other, like minded people.

Thanks and all the best, M.

All the best, M.